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*We charge a .25¢ environmental impact fee on each item ordered To-Go. 




Tea + Alternatives


La Boisson Violette

The Springer Latte

The Rosebush

Sweet Hojicha Mocha

Shaken Espresso

Mushroom Hero






Hand Brewed Coffee

add our house-made syrups to any traditional drink:
Simple Syrup

Matcha Latte

Golden Chai

London Fog

Loose Leaf Tea

Hot Chocolate

Vanilla Steamer

Topo Chico

Fentimans Curiosity Cola or Sparkling lemonade

Organic Apple Juice

Rishi Sparkling Botanicals

double origin espresso

we're gonna take your classic lemonade and kick it up a notch with the addition of house-made jasmine syrup and blue jasmine green tea

honey + lavender combine in this perfect springtime classic, served hot or iced

enlivening flavors of rose + cardamom come together to present a fresh new taste in this latte, served hot or iced

an earthy tea latte, made with mocha and roasted green tea, served as a latte iced or hot

vanilla + cinnamon, frothy + refreshing

a blend of 7 medicinal mushrooms, maca and cacao, lightly sweetened with maple syrup, served hot or iced with your choice of milk

organic second harvest matcha with assertive strength and versatility, served with 10 oz steamed milk

your choice of either masala or ginger turmeric chai with 6 oz steamed milk, can be served hot or iced.
masala can be served sweetened or unsweetened

earl grey tea with 6 oz steamed milk and a splash of house-made vanilla syrup

Earl Grey, Vanilla Cream Rooibos, Chocolate Mint Maté, Sencha Green, Moroccan Mint, Herbal Harmony, English Breakfast, Firefly Chai, pu-erh Ginger, Jasmine 
all teas can be served hot or iced

house-made chocolate syrup with your choice of steamed milk

steamed milk sweetened with house-made vanilla syrup frothed and topped with whipped cream

elderberry maqui, dandelion ginger, grapefruit quince, turmeric saffron, black lemon, schisandra berry

a double shot of espresso marked with a dollop of foam

a double shot of espresso with 2 oz of steamed milk

a double shot of espresso with 4 oz of steamed milk

a double shot of espresso with 10 oz of steamed milk

a double shot of espresso and 10 oz of hot water

single origin 8 or 12 oz


baked goods + bread

drink menu

Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Polenta Biscuits 

Ube Cookies (GF)


Oatmeal, cherry + Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Almond Croissants 

Dark Chocolate + Almond Scones

Blackberry Lavender Scones

Morning Glory Muffins (V)

Lemon, Lavender, Blueberry Tart


Strawberries + Cream Biscuits  

Morning Bun

Macarons (GF) 

Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake (GF)  

Cinnamon Rolls  

Carrot Cake Energy Bites (V) (GF)

Peanut Butter Energy Bites (V) (GF) 

Raspberry Jam Bars 

Lemon Blueberry Muffins (V)

Country Loaf (V)

Tuesday, Thursday + Saturday

Wednesday + Friday

Butter-Toasted Oat Porridge Sourdough (V)

Dill + White CHeddar sourdough

Multigrain Sourdough (V) 

Pomodorini focaccia

Hot Honey Pepperoni Pizza focaccia

Sourdough Bagels

GLuten Free Sandwich Bread

Sesame Sourdough Sandwich Bread

a traditional chocolate chip cookie topped with sea salt

a bite sized whole wheat + polenta biscuit stuffed with pimento cheese + pickled red onions

made from a base of purple yam, with notes of nutty vanilla flavors

buttery layers of laminated pastry hand rolled and baked to crispy perfection

the name says it all, if oatmeal cookies are your jam, this is your ticket!

buttery layers of laminated pastry, hand rolled, filled with almond frangipane + topped with toasted almonds

Friday + Saturday Only!

a moist delicate scone that gives us all the spring vibes, filled with fresh blackberries and tiny bits of lavender

subtly spiced, moist, and not overly sweet + filled with carrots, golden raisins, coconut and pumpkin + sunflower seeds, a nutritious start to the day or anytime snack!

rotating spring flavors, including:
Mixed Berry
Blueberry Lemon

a rich buttery croissant filled with layers of smoked ham and gouda

fluffy, pillowy + filled to the brim with cinnamon sugary heaven

a delicate, moist scone filled with dark chocolate chunks and bits of sliced almonds

a flaky, layered + buttery tart shell filled with a lemon lavender pastry cream and topped fresh blueberries

a buttery flaky biscuit stuffed with strawberry compote + rich cream, food euphoria at its finest

croissant dough filled with cinnamon, sugar, cardamom and orange zest, rolled up and baked to crispy sugary perfection

traditional pie dough filled with egg, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, mushrooms and crispy Benton's bacon

a moist + delicate coffee cake swirled with flavors of vanilla + cinnamon, the best part is, it's gluten-free!

a moist muffin filled with fresh springtime blueberries and lemon zest

our signature loaf - moist and chewy with a crunchy crust - a perfect accompaniment to cheese plates or just sliced and slathered with soft butter and sea salt

we start with oat porridge made with lightly butter toasted oats and fold it into our traditional sourdough, making this a moist, rich + hearty bread

a sourdough base filled with fresh dill + white cheddar cheese

a hearty + healthy sourdough made with whole wheat, rye + spelt and topped with a mixture of pumpkin seeds + poppy seeds

our light and fluffy focaccia topped with arugula pesto, cherry tomatoes + feta cheese

our light and fluffy focaccia topped with house-made tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese + pepperoni and topped with a drizzle of chili pepper infused honey

a light and fluffy sourdough based sandwich bread, made with tangzhong for added softness and topped with sesame seeds 

varieties of our sourdough based, hand rolled stone baked croissants made fresh in house daily

a gluten free sandwich bread  with a rich taste and a soft moist crumb

*available by special order only, call
828-634-7699 to place an order

Country Loaf
Oat Porridge Sourdough
Dill + Cheddar Sourdough
Sesame Sourdough Sandwich Loaf
Pomodorini Focaccia (Saturday Only)

Country Loaf
Oat Porridge Sourdough
Multigrain Sourdough
Sesame Sourdough Sandwich Loaf
Hot Honey Pepperoni Pizza Focaccia (Friday Only)

We work off of a rotating bread schedule, below are the breads we have available on a daily basis. We also offer rotating mini loaves of sourdough daily, which are a great option for a single person or for two!

made with oats, dates, coconut, walnuts, carrots + the right blend of spices, they're a healthier option to satisfy your sweet tooth

made with oats, dates, coconut, flaxseed, peanut butter, and mini chocolate chips

oat crumble base topped layers of handmade raspberry jam + almond frangipane

(GF) Gluten-free
        please note that our gluten-free items are produced in a kitchen and on equipment where gluten-full products are made. Those with celiac disease or those who cannot risk cross-contamination would be best off not eating these baked goods.

(V) Vegan

*We charge a .25¢ environmental impact fee on each item ordered to-go.

all of our breads + baked goods are made with locally milled, organic non-gmo flour from Lindley Mills right here in NC!

Artisan Breads

Ham + Cheese Croissants 

Baked Goods