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Baked Goods

Baked Goods

Artisan Breads

Chocolate Chip Cookies  $1.75

Strawberries + Cream Biscuits  $3.50

Apple Pie Cookies (GF) $1.85

Croissants $3.75

Gingersnaps (V) $1.75

Dark Chocolate + Almond Scones $3

The 'Fall' Danish $4.25

Fudgy Brownies (GF) $3.00

with salted brown sugar buttercream

Sweet Potato Cupcake $3

Praline Pumpkin Muffins (V) $3.50

Butter Pecan + Caramel Scones  $3

Carrot Chai Muffins (V) $3.50

Cinnamon Rolls  $3.5o

Peanut Bitter Protein Bites (V)(GF) $1.75

Carrot Cake Protein Bites (V)(GF) $1.50

Wheat + Polenta Biscuit $4

Blueberry Chevre Bun $3.75

Bourbon Pecan Bars $3.75

Country Loaf (V) $8

Butter-Toasted Oat Porridge Sourdough (V) $8.50

Cranberry + Walnut Sourdough (V) $8.50

Polenta Sourdough (V) $8.50

The 'Gloaming' Loaf $9

Ciabatta (V) $4.50

baguettes (V) $4.25

Rosemary Focaccia (V) $5.50

French Onion Soup Focaccia $5.50

Pomodorini Focaccia $6

Pizza Dough (V) $4.50

a traditional chocolate chip cookie topped with sea salt

A buttery flaky biscuit stuffed with strawberry compote + rich cream, food euphoria at its finest

filled with bits of caramel, dried apple + cinnamon, this cookie is what fall dreams are made of

buttery layers of laminated pastry hand rolled and baked to crispy perfection

crunchy on the outside, chewy + soft in the inside and overflowing with all the perfect blend of spices

slivered almonds + dark chocolate chips are folded into a moist and fluffy scone with a crisp + craggy exterior

A Flaky puff pastry topped with a velvety butternut squash sauce, caramelized onions, goat cheese and a hint of rosemary

a fudgy rich brownie, the perfect chocolate treat

Autumn in cupcake form. A moist cupcake topped with a light + fluffy, but deeply flavorful buttercream

a moist and decadent muffin filled with Pumpkin, ginger, cinnamon + nutmeg and topped with a rich pecan crumble 

rich butter toasted pecans mixed with sweet bits of caramel

subtly spiced, moist, and not overly sweet - a satisfying breakfast treat or afternoon snack

Fluffy, pillowy + filled to the brim with cinnamon sugary heaven

plump blueberries, and tangy creamy chevre mingled with a hint of vanilla for bursts of flavor in every bite

a rich bourbon pecan tart made with a blitz pastry dough, pecan Frangipane and bourbon roasted pecans

a traditional sourdough made with 20% whole wheat

we start with oat porridge made with lightly butter toasted oats, folded into our traditional sourdough, making this a moist, rich + hearty bread

sweet cranberries + rich walnuts come together to make the perfect autumn loaf with a hint of sweetness

rich creamy polenta, pepitas + rosemary make this sourdough moist + bursting with flavor

a sourdough made with a dark lager (locally brewed by Lazy hiker), cheddar + black sesame seeds

an italian white bread with a soft interior + crunchy crisp exterior

our fluffy focaccia topped with drizzles of olive oil, flaked sea salt + fresh rosemary

caramelized onions reduced with beef bouillon + red wine are added to this focaccia and then topped with swiss cheese and garlic

cherry tomatoes, feta cheese + arugula pesto

an individually wrapped sourdough pizza dough ball. Enough to make one 14" pizza

a sourdough based baguette, simple yet classic

made with oats, dates, maple syrup, chocolate chips, peanut butter, coconut, flaxseed and quinoa

Made with oats, dates, carrots, coconut + Cinnamon, these protein bites are a healthier option to satisfy your sweet tooth

A whole wheat + polenta biscuit stuffed with pepper jelly, pickled red onions + pimento cheese

(GF) Gluten-free
        please note that our gluten-free items are produced in a kitchen and on equipment where gluten-full products are made. Those with celiac disease or those who cannot risk cross-contamination would be best off not eating these baked goods.

(V) Vegan

* all of our breads + baked goods are made with locally milled, organic non-gmo flour from Lindley Mills right here in NC!